Why Is My Shower Head Clogged

Why Is My Shower Head Clogged?

Sometimes your showerhead may not execute as it used to. Basically, water contains calcium and such mineral deposits that over time will clog the showerhead and faucet.

At the end of the time, you will also face low flow or poor water pressure.

In other words, your shower head becomes clogged for a long period of time or years, that situation is boring. Although, the causes of your clogged showerhead will vary, however, the solutions are very easy and inexpensive.

Reasons For Clogged Showerhead

Hard water stays in your house-

Hard water means water that has high levels of calcium and magnesium, often divalent and trivalent metallic substances.

When you found the white mineral deposits on your dishware, inflexible laundry, scale build-up in your sink and other appliances then the indication of hard water.

Hard water builds up also more scale in your water heaters and pipes. In the time of water force, this scale is trapped back the shower head’s plastic screen or wire.

Debris Is Responsible For Clogging Your Shower Head

Clogging Your Shower Head

Scale deposits are the initial issues to clog the showerhead, other debris also liable to make the problem too.

A few families use copper water supply pipes where the copper will gradually generate corrosion and improve the scale build-up inside of the pipes. Then, leaks the pinhole of the pipes, overall necessary replacement.

Garbage may clog your shower head as well. For the long run, the rubber gasket from your shower head as well as the water pipe may demote, delivering little rubber particles up versus the filter screen, the place where they stay.

Showerhead Involves The Flow Restrictor

Several shower heads contain a built-in flow restrictor equipped to save energy and water.

These plastic disks can save water but outlay water pressure. So, your flow restrictor can be simply removed.

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Cleaning Method Of A Clogged Shower Head

Very easy to clear a clogged shower head is for the beginner yet at minimum cost.

It also depends on what types of tools and materials you have. By spending around 20 or 30 minutes you can clean your shower head.

Required tools:

  • Channel-lock system wrench
  • Old toothbrush
  • Clean rag
  • Pipe tape (Teflon)
  • Latex or nitrile gloves
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Old towel
  • A disposable container (plastic)

Required materials:

  • Calcium, rust and lime remover solution
  • Freshwater, both cool and warm


Showerhead Involves The Flow Restrictor

a. Take aside the showerhead: At first, remove your shower head by the hand. By turning the peak part of your shower head just counter-clockwise, you can try this; don’t remove the head itself, since the head is equipped to rotate mainly.

If you can’t take aside the showerhead by your hand, wrap the peak part with the rag at the same time slowly turn it off with a wrench.

b. Dismount the showerhead: Now keep the towel on a table and dismount your shower head, cone portion will not dismount the showerhead, but the miniature ball joint field adjusts to the pipe should separate, exposing a screen and gasket.

c. Take aside the flow restrictor: The flow rates of the showerhead may be commanded by law in your venue. If you want to remove the flow restrictor, check to see your position which means where you live.

By the needle-nose pliers to control the side of your flow restrictor together pull it out.

d. Showerhead parts need to clean: Wear latex or nitrile gloves. Then pour the calcium, lime and rust remover solution in the plastic container to coronate the whole shower head along with add the warm water (equal amount).

Put the showerhead and other removed parts into the solution.

e. Absorb the parts in solution: The shower head parts require soaking only for two minutes or as instructed by the manufacturer.

f. Rinse and clean with a brush: Now, using fresh and cool water just rinse the all ports properly.

Wipe the toothbrush smoothly on the screen, flow restrictor and gasket. And, gently clean the hard scale or debris from the showerhead up and downside by the towel.

g. Rejoin the showerhead: Again needed rinse, rejoin your shower head, and then replace it. Before screwing the showerhead in the proper place, with Teflon tape just wrap the water supply pipe.

h. Run the showerhead: When resolutely remain the shower head in place, switch on the water to test the water flow.

i. Next project cleaning: Exempted to the gloves, toothbrush and plastic container and don’t use these again. After washing the towel you can use it again for household activities but not for bathing or skin contact.

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